Internet Based Jobs-Find a Top Job on the Internet Today!

Everywhere you turn on the internet there are job offers for internet based jobs. Now, are internet jobs better than jobs where you have to travel and work for a large corporation at a specific location? Well, from home internet job legitimate work is REAL and not a scam if you find the right company to work for. I learned how to use the internet to find a job and it landed me one of the top internet based jobs around. I was an affiliate marketer for many huge companies promoting their products for profit.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend trying affiliate marketing. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that there are no start-up costs and in less than 24 hours you can start making TONS of sales. Internet based affiliate marketing requires only a website that can be very basic and a know how to get people to come to the website and buy whatever product you are promoting. Being an affiliate marketer is the ultimate internet job because you have 100% job security because you are working for yourself. If you want an honest work at home job I suggest you stick with affiliate based marketing. I started out with internet marketing for online business, but that quickly changed to promoting my own products and having other promote my own products through affiliate marketing. The worst thing you could ever do is NOT try affiliate marketing at all and simply give up. It takes on aver 5 websites failing over and over again before some people even see a profit online. Internet based marketing is hard, challenging, but rewarding at the same time. You can earn well over 100K a year in no time with affiliate marketing. 10K a month is not hard, especially if you have the right tools to make you an expert niche affiliate marketer.

The best thing to do to become a successful entrepreneur is to study affiliate marketing reviews and come up with the best product to promote. You can go to clickbank and see all the products that are selling and the niches they are in. In no time you can develop your own product and start selling it for huge profits. In no time at all if you work hard at it you can hit the 100 dollar a day mark, 200 dollar a day, 500 a day, 1k a day. Eventually, you will be able to quit your day job and pursue your internet marketing career full time. Becoming an affiliate marketer will be the best decision you have ever made in your life. Trust me, it works! Home internet jobs are here to stay, especially since a gallon of gas is over 4 dollars! Many people and companies are resorting to running their businesses from home. It is everyone’s dream to work at home and you can with affiliate marketing! I wish you the best of luck finding that amazing job.

I Used To Have A Life….now I Have An Internet One Seo Pro Is Also The Internet’s Top Offbeat Cartoonist

Has this ever happened to you? You are washing dishes or feeding the dog, or changing diapers or finishing a term paper and suddenly, it’s as if your body has been taken over by what I now call the “Outlook Express Demon”. I have to check my email. Come on. Be honest.

Ok that is not really the jest of my story here. I want to write a bit about how the Internet changed my life. I was not a very good student growing up. I came from an upper-middle class family in south Ms. I did not like being in an upper-middle class family (at least mine), and I don’t think they particularly cared for me being there either, but we all put up with each other. I was expected to amount to something big. I was on my way there (to something big….not sure what, but I am sure it was big), and then I discovered the Internet.

I had been warned by PHDs and professors of technology not to get too facinated or obsessed with anything that has any-thing to do with technology but I just couldn’t help myself.

On the Internet, I could become whatever I wanted. Well, that is what I thought anyway, until I once read an insightful piece, “Never make up a fib, especially on the Internet… the Internet will always find you out.” And those are really words to live by. So I decided to go back to college at age 48 and major in business information technology with an emphasis on e-commerce. I’m still there by the way and if all goes well will finish next year.

But before the Internet, I was just another one of “America’s corporate layoffs”; mid-level management with no golden parachute. I knew I had to land on my feet but how?

It was 1997 and nobody wanted to hire a “Willie Lohman-type” 42 year old salesman.

So I started my own cartoon because I knew how to write funny. But oh, I forgot, I can’t draw that well. So I recruited a team of illustrators who took a risk with me and guess what?

(Shameless bragging rights); Our cartoon became the top independent cartoon site on the Internet according to Alexa and Netcraft and in the top 100k of ANY genre websites. Not bad for a rookie, eh? But a little secret. I learned about organic seo just when it was beginning. So rather than make a living at it, which would have been a very good one, I decided to focus it on my own cartoon site. It gets about 4000 hits per hour or 6.5 million hits since Jan. 2005.

Then I opened a cartoon superstore with a manufacturer who produces and distributes my products. Then Blish, the top content syndicator decided to syndicate us. Then I opened a clothing line and a private label cartoon gourmet coffee line. This week, after the phone wouldn’t stop ringing (no kidding) to raise my seo, I decided to make business cards.

I have other ecommerce sites and a few more opening, but they seem to take a life of their own and it is automatic cash flow. I like that. I was a starving writer for a very long time. Now I’m a neurotic comfortable writer who thinks at any minute he will forget his skills and go back to being a starving writer who at least is not neurotic.

But I am also a third year 52 year old (serious) business student at one of the best business colleges in the country (more shameless self-promotion) but I say that for a reason. I do have fun with the cartoons and e-stores, and now my Affiliate toolblog and such, but I seriously love helping others (especially those who have had the awful experience of “quick result” SEO and then their letdown (Google hates that stuff as do other engines); and when I show them how to be patient and let me do my work, they laugh (all the way to the bank). And I love making people laugh and they tend to laugh more when they have money in the bank. At least that has been my experience.

So somewhere along the road rarely traveled (on my way to being big for sure), I discovered the Internet and I am happy as a lark helping others with their seo and even have a super affiliate program for those who like my cartoon products. I’m having fun on the Internet, and to be fair and honest, I have met many of the people in real life (people who have enriched my life) and I probably never would have met them if not for the Internet and really learning search engine optomization.

There are a lot of folks out there that call themselves SEMs (Search Engine Marketers). They claim to be experts and many are. But when they solicit me I always go to the analytical ]\ sites and see their own site history. Nine times out of ten they are not even on the Alexa or Netcraft map. That tells you something. My original website, that I launched before affiliate programs, seo, ppc or anything else but banner ads existed, has remained on the Alexa top 200k since 2005 and Netcraft Top 100k since about the same date.

In other words (he humbly added), “I think I might be doing something right for a change!”

Understanding Vehicles

Tips To Getting the Right Car For You The next biggest purchase an individual has to make after a house is a car; with that, the process of selecting and buying one can cause a major headache to the car buyer. Expect more stress if you are a first time buyer because you will be faced with so many considerations that you never even thought had to be considered. More than probably, you won’t be certain if you’re asking the right questions, getting the right information or even inquiring about the best car that fits your needs and personality. Below are tips to get you purchasing on the best car and that will assure you of a good and sound investment: Start by knowing what you want and the purpose that it will serve for you in the long run. Will you be the only one using the car regularly or do you have a family or kids that will be tagging along most of the time? The number of seats and space of the car is essential in knowing the type of car you will be buying. If you have the need to carry a lot of weight then a 4×4 is what you should have. If you are single but planning to add members of the family soon then a sports car is fitting. Bear in mind that you should also see into what it be of use in the future and not just what it will do for you today. Budget is important and at the very beginning, you should already have target amount that you are willing to spend. Payment by cash is good but it doesn’t mean that car loans are not any better; just make sure that you know the payment scheme you will get into so you don’t get in problems along the way. Let’s face it, a car salesman is an expert at saying the right things that can get anyone to say “yes” when it clearly a mistake; this will not happen if a person is planned and prepared on the financial details and amount of money that he is the most comfortable. With that, know how much you’re capable of spending or willing to pay to avoid over-spending. Having a set amount will make the selection process easier and faster for you because you will know what market to look at whether a brand new car or a used one, or what brand to look at as well. All you will need is just a quick research on the car value which will just be like a confirmation on your part, so you know you’re really paying for what it’s worth.Lessons Learned About Sales

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